Work as an In-house Creative

For the past year I’ve had the chance to work with some talented folks at the John Deere Agricultural Marketing Center in Lenexa, KS. These guys serve as the In-house advertising team for John Deere’s most celebrated division; Agricultural Equipment. They are always working hard at pumping out the best creative possible, while respecting the brand.

It has been an interesting experience! The majority of my young career has been working as an In-house creative, first at a small manufacturing company (single designer situation) and now, although I’m contract, part of a larger creative department. It’s always a challenge to come up with ideas that stay within guidelines while pushing the bar. Mostly working on the external online creative proves to be more of a challenge at times as there are contingencies to the online space for companies in the Ag industry. One of the ways I’ve approached these situations is through research; I’ve been able to pitch ideas/concepts based on previous experiences of other companies as well as present a twist that can added to the solution. Value Adding has become a new favorite term of mine; being sure that the value of the action, in this case the design/animation, adds value to the campaign and the brand.

Another tough part of the job is keeping fueled up on creative energies. So far the remedy for this has been checking out inspirational sites (ie. Smashing Magazine) and seeing what local designers are up to via design communities like the AIGA Kansas City Chapter and the local KC Adobe Design Core. In the search for inspiration and methods I came across a posting from the AIGA. It’s really informative and is providing some great ideas, I urge all In-house creatives to take some time out of their day to read it: Running on Empty: Tips for Tuning Up Your In-house Team by Glenn John Arnowitz

So long – for now :O)


~ by kendellwarner on February 10, 2010.

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