DJ Stout rebrands Dairy Today, news to me :O)

Okay so before I start this post I’ll go on to say that the views in this posting are my own and not the views of John Deere. John Deere is not endorsing any particular publications or design businesses mentioned in the following post.

A few days ago I came across an “old” Pentagram posting of DJ Stout’s redesign of Dairy Today and I was floored! Why? Because here it was, a great design studio, housing many of my most favorite designers, working on an Ag Publication. I thought it was great and decided to show it around the office. It was nice to see that most folks didn’t even know who Pentagram was, but they enjoyed the redesign (that happened about over a year ago) and enjoyed the new energy in one of their favored publications. One writer even commented on the types of cows used in the photo shoots and a designer was fascinated by the portraits of the cows and questioned how the dairy farmers reacted to seeing such beautiful (or ugly) creatures on the cover of the magazine.

New Dairy Today branding and magazine covers.

New Dairy Today branding and magazine covers.

While I was unable to get responses from dairy farmers due to my position, I will say that it seems like the new branding was well received and much needed. It seemed like the brand needed some “refreshing” and I hope that Dairy Today is making it work for them. I’m also doing some more research on design companies/studios, their dealings with the Ag community…more to come!


~ by kendellwarner on August 16, 2009.

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