Congratz to Jacob Cass!

So yesterday my fiance, Suzy, tells me that the young man who’s been giving her gems via his blog site received a job offer from Carrot Creative located in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. I was thrilled to hear this because I’ve seen Jacob’s work and thought he did some awesome things. So I ran over to his site and read the fascinating story about how he got contacted via Twitter for the position and used Skype to conduct interviews with the folks at Carrot Creative (he’s located in Australia).

This story floored me as I thought about a conversation my mother and I had a few weeks ago about the progression of the job application process and how technology has changed the game entirely for many professions. It seems that nowadays, as long as you are talented, and persistent, putting yourself out there and making sure you are networking you are more likely to get connected to jobs then those who are not. Another example of this progressing phenomenon  would be myself, as I landed my current position through a LinkedIn direct message from a recruiter!

Congratulations Jacob and I wish you the best! Enjoy NYC and maybe I’ll see you on the Brooklyn streets.


~ by kendellwarner on July 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Congratz to Jacob Cass!”

  1. Hello Kendell,
    Ah another one in Brooklyn, I am surprised to hear about so many that live there or in New York for that matter. May see you out and about.

    And yes, it is quite amazing about the recruiting process now a days, especially in the design profession.

    Also, congratulations on your job through LinkedIn. Please feel free to add me on there too!

    Thanks again Kendell.

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